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“2 de Maio” square rehabilitation - Viseu - 2015

The purpose of designing a new covering element in this public space triggered the discussion about the attractability of the contemporary public spaces .
The main idea associated to this project was to provide a new space multi functionality able to content various and diverse events throughout the year, inviting people of all ages and social strata.
The existing fracture between the two levels of the square was the motto for the proposal idealization. 
So two hierarchical elements were designed , a ramp to provide acessibility betwen the levels (who could also act as driving force and an integral part of the events ) and a new built topography, an amphitheater facing a booster stage.
To provide confort and shelter a third element was created ( giving answer to the competition briefing ), a covering tensionated element.


Technical Data 
Design : Mário Lima , José Miguel Regueiras

Assistant : Rui Messena
Location : “2 de Maio” square, Viseu, Portugal

Client : Viseu municipality
Type : Competition 

Architecture - Design - Investigation
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