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Boat Harbour house - New Zealand - 2015

Boat Harbour concept resume intervention its based in a narrative where the site constraints/specificities and the client’s needs/desires come together in a hole strategic approach.

Functional needs dictates de building strategic conception that born from a rational principle, where technical/water areas, and living areas are separated by a circulation path, but unified in the interior.

This rational construction strategy its enlarged to the hole building conception who intends to benefit from the site specificities.

On the other hand this beautiful site carries the perfect issues to build a dream house where nature and construction come together in a unique concept.

From the vertical and organic influence of the trees and the horizon line born the concept that dictates the building formality.

The building is placed oriented north to benefit the beautiful view from all interior spaces and receive the maximum sun light.

So north window are larger  and set back so in the summer be protected and in the winter receive the sun light.



Technical Data 
Design : Mário Lima
Location : Boat Harbour Bay, Coromandel, New Zealand

Client : JonRamage, Jacqui Ansin
Type : Competition - 3rd place

Architecture - Design - Investigation
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