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Eco disctrict - Lisbon - Portugal - 2013

The challenge was to develop a building type that could be replicated in a manterplan in Boavita district. All tipologies should have a small vegetable garden , a place for selective waste devices and a small storage room.
The proposed intervention aims to create a share deal between public and private spaces, between the intimate and the exposed, delineating boundaries, offering places for sharing. 
The street, place of encounter and dialogue it’s an hybrid space, a meeting place, a place of passage and movement, the space of all.

This prefabricated component social building intends to be an example of energetic efficiency and stands out from his vertical green living towers.
From nature and industry process born a rational/organic building where people, trees and happenings can be highlighted.


Technical Data 
Design : Mário Lima  

Assistant : Filipe Ribeiro
Location : Boavista headquarter, Lisbon, Portugal
Client : Gebalis

Type : Competition 

Architecture - Design - Investigation
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