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Library + Toy museum - torres vedras - portugal - 2016

... Provided with a disciplinary vocation a structuring organism is born ... His intention remain clear , to redesign the bowells of this block offering a new space to be used and observed ...

The eagerness to create a central moment in the surrounding dictates the public space liberation, that by its uncompromising composition allows a volatile and diverse use.

This premise frees a framework space for the church of Santiago that is now anchored by two structuring public spaces, confirming an urban moment of maximum expression.

This public space of "tensioned" configuration is also sustained by a path that is nothing more than the continuity of the axis drawn by the Rua dos Celeiros, which this time becomes a covered route that invites to the building entrance.



Technical Data
Design : Mário Lima + Core Concept
Location : Torres Vedras , Portugal 
Client : Torres Vedras Town Hall

Type : Competition 

Architecture - Design - Investigation
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