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"The overlaid city" - Porto - 2013

The overlapped city is a structural green urban community organism that carries the responsibility to regenerate Oporto’s center.
Defined trough foot way interior headquarter paths, this structural grid is the city antidote and hosts, low cost housing, urban labs services, trade and intends to create a new mobility associated to the existent public gardens.

The “Aurifícia” headquarter regeneration, ruled by a global strategic intervention plan, was the case study for the concepts development.
Besides the interior headquarter regeneration, this intervention should include the obsolete “Aurificia” factory rehabilitation and the renewal of the city productive machine, in order to establish a more efficient, fair, and open urban structure in the pursuit for better living conditions.

The dialogue with the existent city has created the opportunity to formulate the barriers between domains and to link the territory different parts.


Technical Data 
Design : Mário Lima, Carlos Pais, Vania Costa

Assistant : Helder Pinto
Location : Aurificia headquarter, Porto
Client : OASRN 

Type : Competition - 7th place

Architecture - Design - Investigation
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