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Setubal Library - Setubal - Portugal - 2013 

As the surrounding analysis result a bipolar body as born. Divided by different ambitions a ground floor organism carries a green living pixel box. Named as “Teka” this organism is a human proximity seducer and have a particular face that strategically invites people to the building entrance. 
The building location search for intimacy against the most noisy and busy via and draws an urban path, place for urban markets ,artistic and cultural temporary events. 

The interior space is divided in two. The ground floor where are located the administrative, storage and the public spaces and the first and interstitial floor where is located the reading room.The reading room is in fact a box inside the main box , and works like a protection for the books ,releasing the adjacent areas to the reading tables benefiting from increased exposure to light and views over the city.



Technical Data 
Design : Mário Lima

Assistants : Luis Moreira, Filipe Ribeiro
Location : Largo José Afonso, Setubal, Portugal
Client : Setubal municipality

Type : Competition 

Architecture - Design - Investigation
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