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Exhibition center - Sofia - Bulgaria - 2014

The UBA building rehabilitation concept is based in a narrative related to time, history and process.
Uba installations are one of the many exemplars of brutalist architecture, which have the particularity of the extensive repetition and rule of its prefabricated construction elements.
Despite the new intervention order is related to the existent, however address the constraints of the program, it was not always possible to relate the two in harmony. When that happens a random accident takes place and here starts the narrative.

The narrative higest happening expression is the reflection of the building limits violation. The need to contain the strength of this accident leads to the creation of a skin that tries to hinder and rehabilitates the building façade.

This fact draws a master piece, an excrescence, some kind of an intriguing body that punctuates the main façade and works like a call for attention to the principal spaces of the building (the exhibition rooms).

Technical Data 
Design : Mário Lima
Location : Sofia, Bulgaria
Client : UBA, Union of bulgarian artists

Type : Competition 

Architecture - Design - Investigation
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