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Two apartments rehabilitation - USA - 2014

The main idea associated to this project was to maximize and provide space flexibility, in order to allow different daily space configuration and give answers to the client needs. In order to allow that intention, all interior walls were demolished (only beams and columns were kept).
The concept of an open space dedicated to living areas was the projects origin idea. To provide affordability and future possible readapting works (such as to allow the two apartments reconfiguration) i decided to develop the project with light construction, and mainly draw the space with furniture (fixed or movable). Following the same principle of affordability the kitchen and bathrooms location was kept.
The space is clearly divided in a more social area and an intimate area. It’s possible to keep this separation or to unify both areas according to the client’s intentions.
The space organization it’s simple and clear, in the north side are located the water technical areas (bathrooms, kitchen, laundry and storage areas). All living areas are located in the south areas and have direct communication with the exterior.


Technical Data 
Design : Mário Lima
Location : Princeton, New Jersey, United States

Client : Oliver Star
Type : Competition - Honorable mention 

Architecture - Design - Investigation
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