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tWO HOUSES - Dunsborough - Western Australia - 2016

 The proposal main idea results from the natural relation between the site constraints and the client needs/sugestions. The benefit from the fantastic site overviews referenced the buildings settlement and their structural architectonic guidelines.

 From the relation between the vertical natural composition of trees and green masses and the horizontal presence from the sea, results the proposal volumetric and formal composition.

The site references including the existent buildings instruct the rational abstract structure where buildings are settled. This structure regulates the building formality and their relations who take part in a global narrative punctuated by specific happenings. The architectonic composition defines different components with distinct functions. Those components relate them self’s in order to achieve unity, but with self-distinct personality.




Technical Data
Design : Mário Lima
Location : Dunsborough , Western Australia , Australia
Client : Owen Moss

Type : Competition 

Architecture - Design - Investigation
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