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Theater - Varese - Italy - 2015

“… A theater is a phenomenon that exists in the present and imaginary spaces”
The new theater for Varese is in fact a narrative, some king of an emergent act expressing his will. In this narrative two stories in the same happening are told.
The first describes a global abstract happening about time (a volume rotation). This happening tells the story of the theatre composition. A big volume that was sliced to keep urban references (ground floor continuity, and urban continuity) and a second volume that invites people to get in the theatre and signals his presence in the square and urban environment. This close relationship works like a big urban scene, like an act in a play, describing the relation between a heavy, textured volume and a fragile dark mirrored volume.

The theatre is organized in two distinct areas, one for public and other for services/technical areas (facing north).



Technical Data 
Design : Mário Lima
Location : Piazza della Republica surroundings, Varese, Italy
Client : Territorial Planning Department 

Type : Competition 

Architecture - Design - Investigation
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