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Housing + Trade + Services - Varese - Italy - 2015

The strategic intervention in Piazza della Republica surroundings wants to put forward the concept of an open city, linked with the existent structure but with self content, and with the necessary strength to establish a new mark in the city (which should be attractable to fix people).
The proposal is divided between the need for urban consolidation and a new urban revolution establishing new hierarchies , relations, and born from two complementary and abstract regulator meshes.

The first related to the theater and the square, confirming a new urban space design and the second related to Via Ravasi intervention.
Both are related to the major urban and hierarchical regulator, the theater.

The Via Ravasi intervention is the city opening major expression. His structural repetition represents the junction of several individuals and is related with the city vertical references (buildings and trees).


Technical Data
Design : Mário Lima
Location : Piazza della Republica surroundings, Varese, Italy
Client : Territorial Planning Department

Type : Competition 

Architecture - Design - Investigation
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