Selective waste equipment - Portugal - 2012

- Placement simulation

- Placement simulation

- Constructive section

- Placement simulation


Above any ideal or value, the principle of inclusive design, ensure the urban democratic space value prevails beyond any drawing fetish. However, formal expression is the visible expression of ideas, so it has the necessary strength to achieve its purpose. 
“Bolix” emerges as a friendly character, good deal, someone to build links...
These friendly characters intends to express their human similarity and are specifically colored to be easily distinguished .
The idea is to increase the access to older, disable and color-blind people by their formal composition and association to new mobile technology.
So when you arrive “Bolix” calls your name and seduces you to recycle. If you look at the screen you can see how much you have been recycling this month. You may win several prizes! Keep on!


Technical Data 
Design : Mário Lima

Assistant : Filipe Ribeiro
Location : Maia, Portugal
Client : Lipor

Type : Competition - 5th place

Architecture - Design - Investigation
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